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Sample Attendance Justification Memo » XML Summer School

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Sample Attendance Justification Memo » XML Summer School


We have fly­ers that provide a sum­mary of the Sum­mer School and are designed to be prin­ted in your choice of A4 and let­ter size.

These are ideal to give to your man­ager along with the memo, to put up on the com­pany notice­board, or to send to appro­pri­ate people in email.

I would like your author­isa­tion to attend the XML Sum­mer School in Oxford, Eng­land in the week of 13th — 18th Septem­ber. It is recog­nised as one of the best ways to learn about XML and related stand­ards that is cur­rently avail­able, and it is delivered by inter­na­tional experts, who were involved in cre­at­ing those stand­ards, as well as many who cre­ate the best-known tools and applic­a­tions. The Sum­mer School will give me the oppor­tun­ity to con­sol­id­ate my tech­nical skills while giv­ing me the chance to hear about the latest uses and devel­op­ments of XML, and ask the experts whether these new ideas really are worth invest­ig­at­ing fur­ther. The philo­sophy of the school is to “learn at the bound­ary of proven tech­no­logy” and the cur­riculum includes formal lec­tures and hands-on exer­cises, so I’ll be able to use what I learn immediately.

I’ll also be able to net­work with other del­eg­ates, which will allow us to keep abreast of news and devel­op­ments in the XML com­munity and poten­tially our industry.

There is a range of courses to choose from through the week:

I would like to attend xxxx for which the con­fer­ence fee for is xxxx, includ­ing accom­mod­a­tion and meals. Travel would be extra, but I think this rep­res­ents very good value for the chance to learn inform­a­tion provided by experts who can talk about the tech­no­lo­gies to a degree that most people can’t.

Attend­ing this con­fer­ence would also be in line with my per­sonal train­ing and devel­op­ment tar­gets for this year.

I hope you will give this request your consideration,


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