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Conversions (Metadata Object Description Schema: MODS)
MODS Types: Metadata Object Description Schema: MODS (Library of Congress)
Subpage_title : Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) Official Web Site.
The METS schema is a standard for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding objects within a digital library, expressed using the…
BIBCO Home: BIBCO (Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), Library of Congress)
MODS Schemas (Metadata Object Description Schema: MODS)
Providing video resources for UNT's students, faculty/staff, and community, this YouTube channel allows you discover all the ways UNT Libraries can help you ...
SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries. Note about version: Version 1.2 is the current SRU version. These specifications are for…
VRA Core Schemas and Documentation : VRA CORE - a data standard for the description of works of visual culture: Official Web Site (Library of Congress)
Here you'll find videos about some of the things OCLC Research is working on to help make operational processes more efficient and shape new scholarly servic...
This document contains links to MODS version 2 documentation and schemas
MODS to MARC 21 Mapping - Version 3.4 (Metadata Object Description Schema: MODS)
Dublin Core Metadata Element Set Mapping to MODS Version
3 (Metadata Object Description Schema: MODS)
MARC Mapping to MODS Version 3.3 (Metadata Object Description Schema: MODS)
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