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Markupforum - Die Webseite zum XML Event in Stuttgart
A collection of XML and web service articles and tutorials
xml 1.0 ÇÑ±Û ¹ø¿ª¹®
A web-based XML validator. Can be used for free. Validates XML files, prompts the user for referenced files (e. g., XSD), shows good error messages.
XML developer news from XMLhack: by and for the XML community
Description of using XML with object databases (includes graphic).
XML file for the complex data example that appears on this website.
Overview of XML Middleware or XML mapping with links to additional references.
Free, online articles that provide a background on XML databases (XDBMSs).
This paper describes how to review your SGML for non-XML features as a first step towards simplication.
XML Encryption is a process for encrypting/decrypting digital content (including XML documents and portions thereof) and an XML syntax used to represent the encrypted content and information that enables an intended recipient to decrypt it.
A technical conference about XML and other markup. It's all about the markup: how to create it; what it means; hierarchies and overlap; modeling; taxonomies; transformation; query, searching, and retrieval; presentation and accessibility. XML JSON…
XML Protocol (XMLP) provides simple protocols that can be ubiquitously deployed and easily programmed through scripting languages, XML tools, interactive Web development tools, etc. The goal is a layered system which will directly meet the needs of…
Stylus Studio XML editor includes many XML editing utilities and features to simplify XML development, including intuitive XML editing views, integrated XML validation and troubleshooting utilities, XML formatting tools, XML generation tools, etc.
XML Validator from ElCel Technology
XML Signature is an XML syntax used for representing signatures on digital content and procedures for computing and verifying such signatures. Signatures provide for data integrity and authentication. is a self-supporting community resource designed to provide a credible source of accurate, timely information about the application of XML in industrial and commercial settings.
This lists semantic vocabularies that are specific to a particular industry or discipline. Links are provided to more information on each vocabulary.
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